CIRCLE JERKS: Wild in the Streets: CD

Sep 09, 2002

Ahh, technology. My computer doesn’t recognize the audio tracks on the CD and to play the videos, you need to install some dubious software (supported by a company that’s not listed on the CD’s exterior packaging) directly from it, instead of it booting automatically. No matter, that shit’s just icing for this re-issue (originally on IRS’s Faulty Products imprint). If you see any Circle Jerks albums you don’t presently own and Lucky or Chuck Biscuits are playing the drums, consider it a green light for some fun. After their departures, you’re on your own. I can’t rightly endorse Wonderful, but Wild in the Streets, in tandem with Group Sex (I remember the cassette version with the entire album twice on one side and the other side blank so you could ruin the music industry with some old-fashioned home taping) and Golden Shower of Hits are pretty much at the apex of the second wave of Southern California punk rock. Short as hell, fast as fuck, funny as hell. It dabbles equally in politics, partying as hard as humanly possible, and pranks. What’s not to like?

 –todd (Porterhouse)