CINEMA SEWER #23: 6 ¾” x 10”, offset, 44 pgs.

Nov 24, 2010

This is by far the coolest movie zine I’ve ever read, from the writing to the design to the illustrations within. Most of the movies covered here fall under the exploitation banner in one way or another, which are the movies I love most. The first issue I ever read was dedicated entirely to women in prison movies. A great introduction to this publication, for sure. Cinema Sewer is the size of a comic book and filled with illustrations and clippings of movie posters and stills. What really caught my eye the first time around was how the entire zine is handwritten, all the lines and columns are hand drawn, and maybe aside from scanning some images, it appears there’s not much computer involvement, if any at all. Every single page is packed with information and presented in a way that you can lose yourself in the pages for a good afternoon. But what really makes this zine great is the attitude from Bougie and all the contributors he gets. There’s no elitist attitude, no pretentious posturing. These people really love movies, know their history, and like anyone who truly loves anything, they want you to be as stoked about it as they are. They do a great job of spreading that vibe. I’m not a fan of porn, but the writers here present it in a way that goes beyond the mainstream perceptions. Just read the reviews of films like Virginia, The Final Sin, and Easy, or better yet, read the article from Belgian porn historian Dries Vermeulen. There’s also an article on film noir that goes over twenty different films (I’ve seen some reviewed here, and they are as good as described), a piece on the beginning of underground compilation videos, a history of on-set deaths, an article from comedian Patton Oswalt, a list of the top 100 films of the past decade, and more, more, more. If you need a guide for movies that are beyond the mainstream, something way off the beaten path, I would say Cinema Sewer is a great source. Or, you could just get this because it’s a really great looking zine. –M.Avrg (Robin Bougie, #320-440 E 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5T-1N5, Canada,

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