CIGARETTE CROSSFIRE: In between the Cure and the Disease: CD

There’s a lot of heart in this album. You can hear it in the vocals and the way the music is delivered in driving and melodic doses. They bring to mind Leatherface and Manifesto Jukebox: heavy, guitar-driven songs where there’s the massive wall of sound, but the storm tends to break, a melody comes out and swirls and meanders around the destruction, putting a poetic touch on the whole thing. But what really grabs me are the excellent lyrics. Much like the Slobs I reviewed elsewhere here, Cigarette Crossfire have done a great job of putting down in words what is going on the world today in a way that’s not empty sloganeering or fantastical poses. They address the human condition and the ways we act and react in an effort to survive in a world that is looking darker and darker every day. But rather than throw up one’s arms in defeat, they name the problems and go from there. It’s best evidenced in the song “Form Before Function,” addressing poverty and the games people play to get through. What I really like are the songs like “Patriot = Idiot” that confront the rise of the right and their (right wingers) denials of racism, while practicing the same, and “Blind Majority” which is about group think. It’s all delivered with gravelly vocals that really put some fire in the words and drive the points home.

 –M.Avrg (Combat Rock Industry,