CHURCHWOOD: Just the Two of Us: 7”

Sep 11, 2012

This is another blues-influenced rock‘n’roll outing brought to you by the good people at Saustex. Looking at the picture of Churchwood playing on the back cover, the prevalence of pork pie hats and shirt collars spread over jacket lapels might make you guess that a.) the sound will be somewhat rockin’, like a decent house band at a watering hole somewhat left of center, and b.) harmonicas rule the roost. Such a guess is exactly what the titular A-side provides, but the B-side, “Metanoia,” is a quirky ditty imbued with a Southwestern aura as if the Dead Milkmen spent way too much time in west Texas. Were it not for the B-side, I might not like this record so much, since the A-side is so standard.

 –Eric Carlson (Saustex)

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