May 10, 2007

Upon playing this CD, I felt like I was listening to a bad version of the Black Heart Procession or maybe BHP if it met up with the World Inferno Friendship Society and they came across Murder By Death and a carnival. With Rhodes, organ, violin, electric guitar, trumpet, bass, and percussion, there’s definitely a large amount of instrumentation represented within Church of the Red Museum. The songs are well-constructed and utilize all the instruments quite well. They have that feel of a band that has a number of influences, all a little bit on the extravagant side of things. The primary vocals are male and are real throaty and whiskey-soothed: as usual, reminding me of someone I can’t quite put my finger on at this point. I have no doubt that live, this band is probably really cool, as there would be a lot to take in and hear. However, on CD, it just doesn’t excite as much as it should, given the range of instruments and the styles infused.

 –kurt (ManUp)