CHUMPS: Gimme Headache: LP

Apr 28, 2016

Fitting farewell to one of Austin, TX’s stalwarts who have called it a day after eighteen-odd years (I think this was actually recorded a few years ago). The pic on the back of the record sums this band up with a live shot of their crowd, fists in the air and smiles on faces. Dumb as a bag of hammers punk that sounds like a load of bands from the ‘90s on Rip Off Records. Now every fucker is too cool for school to stick on a leather jacket and have some fun. Not these goons. I don’t go to too many beer-soaked bars to watch dudes in stripey shirts play back-to-the-wall punk these days, but I sure am happy shit like this exists. Nice one, lads.

 –Tim Brooks (Super Secret)