CHUGGA CHUGGA: …Is Sweet, but If This Were a Flat Donut, It Would Be Much Sweeter: 7”

May 10, 2007

Sweet, charming, and DIY-down, Chugga Chugga’s (I say this in a very affectionate way), a mix between the Grease soundtrack and This Bike Is A Pipebomb. Imagine a cover of Lita Ford’s “Kiss Me Deadly,” with an accordion, as a sparse, happy female duet. They do a pneumonic roll call of the Great Lakes (“your lakes are good, but ours are so much greater!”), and entreat zombies to not eat their brains. For anyone with a kid, or a kid inside of you, Chugga Chugga’ll make you smile.

 –todd (Chugga Chugga)