CHUCKY WAGGS: Low Road Ramble: LP

This record is a whole lot of banjo pickin’, acoustic guitar, and harmonica with the slightly used rough and tumble, honky tonk of Charles Wagner layered over top of it. Chucky Waggs is accompanied by three other musicians on a handful of tracks on this record, but the rest of it is Wagner displaying a wide berth of musical prowess. It’s really a bit too country/bluegrass for me, though Chucky and his Company of Raggs, as he calls them, pull off the sound they’re going for. I have to admit that I do enjoy the trumpet on track three, “Sticks and Stones,” which was both surprising and well executed. Low Road Ramble is a follow-up to the DIY Company of Raggscollection of songs. Though I haven’t heard anything else from the group, it sounds as if they’ve struck a cohesive balance between one man band and fill-in musicians, as the album has a mix of both. While the lyrics can be punk-leaning, I’m not sure this is their target audience. Good record for drinking lemonade or whiskey (or both!) on your porch during a hot summer night. 

 –Kayla Greet (Let’s Pretend)