CHUCK RAGAN: Above the Flames b/w The Grove & Done and Done b/w Trenchfoot & Open up and Wail: 7" & CD

Sep 19, 2007

Chuck shows that less can be more, shows that being alone is a universal condition, shows that defiance can be a single flame, that it doesn’t always have to be orchestrated fireworks bursting overhead. It can be one voice and a guitar. Aching. Rough-throated. Dirty-fingered from honest work. I believe he makes music that’ll be heard the day after all the lights go out in the world; not just because it’s acoustic, but because it’s timeless. What he does to Panthro United UK 13’s “Sound of a Gun” is downright haunting; turning a stormy anthem into a quiet, porch-rocking virus seeping tension.

 –todd (No Idea)