CHRONICS: Suggested for Mature Audiences: LP

Jul 09, 2007

Upon initial contact, i was a bit bewildered as to whether it’s Punk “Chronic” as in “Chronic Disorder” and “Chron-Gen,” or if it’s more at stoner “Chronic” like “Bluntman & Chronic.” After moderate inspection, the jury’s still out on that. Adding to the enormity of the enigma, had you placed this record upon my turntable without allowing me sufficient time to peruse the liner notes, then gave me three guesses to nail the band’s point of origin, even if you spotted me the fact that they’re not from the US, i’d guess 1. Australia (‘cause they remind of Radio Birdman [rhythm section, song structure] and the Saints a bit [leads, general atmosphere, they even do a song called “Wild About Me” which appears to be at least partially derived from “Wild About You,” which the Saints covered on their first album]) followed by 2. New Zealand (‘cause it’s close to #1 and they also remind me a little bit of the Lime Spiders), and 3. Quebec (‘cause they remind me a bit of Smash Up Derby and also ‘cause i’d be grasping at straws at that point in time), and, as the Fastbacks once said, i would be WRONG WRONG WRONG. They actually hail from Bologna, Italy. Huh. I don’t even think that woulda been in my top ten guesses (but, then again, i think i only know the names of like ten different countries, so who knows? Even a blind chicken gets a kernel of corn if he keeps peckin’ long enough). Not a bad Rock Album at all; the pointless cover of “TV Eye” gets neutralized by a pointful cover of “Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut.” Surely the regaining of the papacy is imminent for our boot-shaped European pals! BEST SONG: “Get Out of My Way” BEST SONG TITLE: “Wild About Me” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I believe that “Wild About You” was originally performed by the Missing Links, though i seem to recall seeing it credited to a band called “The Unknowns” once, which would make sense, seeing as how the songwriting credit on (I’m) Stranded is attributed to “Unknown”—which might be a stage name if you think about it (which i’m sure you are, deeply).

 –norb (Demolition Derby)

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