CHRONIC SEIZURE: Brainsick: 7"

Jul 17, 2006

Are they copping outtakes from Marked for Life-era Cut The Shit? Did they cull their chops from the same school as Blood Spit Nights or Dog Soldier? Do they ever listen to DRI’s Violent Pacification 7”? I don’t know. It sounds like they’ve tried to harness little bits and pieces from all those bands (or possibly from other second-tier bands who are trying to sound like those bands) and didn’t quite pull it off. With a craaaazy drawing of a skull on the cover and titles like “No Escape” and “Violent Opposition,” you know what bed you’re gonna be sleeping in here: fast and frantic thrashola to be sure, appropriately pissed. But it’s somehow missing that little bit of juice that would’ve guaranteed my attention or repeated listens.

 –keith (Fashionable Idiots)