CHRON GEN: Chronic Generation: CD

Aug 15, 2006

Chron Gen always reminded me of L.A. greats The Cheifs, not musically so much as the fact that they’re both kinda like “bridge” bands—The Cheifs between the older Hollywood punk bands and the more intense hardcore stuff coming from the beaches, and Chron Gen between early U.K. punk and the later anarcho-hardcore stuff like the Subhumans and the Exploited. Though their tunes rarely break the mid-tempo speed barrier on this reissue of their first LP, Chron Gen could sound just as rambunctious and snotty as any of their contemporaries, as evidenced here by their cover of “Jet Boy Jet Girl,” “Lies,” and “You Make Me Spew.” Other songs, like “Reality,” “Disco Tech,” and “Clouded Eyes” demonstrate they weren’t afraid in the least to pump some pop hooks into the mix, either, and still others belie an interest in post punk as well. It’s a damn shame that they’ve fallen through the cracks a bit over the years, so hopefully this being available again will change that, as they really were good.

 –jimmy (Captain Oi)

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