CHROME PISTOLA: Information War: CD

Sep 05, 2006

First time I listened to this, I got all tizzied up because the press sheet says all this bullshit about mixing “the beats and bass of dancehall and hip hop with the loud guitars, energy and sense of outrage and boredom with popular music that early punk rock had” but it sounds like the closest this guy ever got to punk rock was one of The Clash’s reggae outings. I can’t comment on the outrage part, but at any rate the guy makes himself out to be a guy who’s reinventing hip hop and I can’t hear anything that hasn’t been done before, and better (and by better I mean worse). However, on my second (and final) listen, not having looked at the hype sheet for a month, I find it to be passable, mellow hip hop. Certainly nothing groundbreaking, but the guy’s voice is smooth enough and the guitars are innocuous in their facelessness.

 –doug (Mindless)