Nov 02, 2010

Reissue of their LP from 1996. I ignored these guys when they were around because I had thought they were a screamo band, and there’s only so much of that shit one should subject themselves to. However, Christie Front Drive are not screamo at all. This is more like second (or third wave?) emo along the lines of None Left Standing, Juno, Jimmy Eat World, and Braid. Tuneful rock with quiet parts that aren’t overdone or overdramatic. The songs build up and hover in the air with a melancholic presence that permeates every song. Even the vocals sound distracted and down. I find I like the material that strays off the patch and delves into creating something like “Coda” is the most interesting. Comes with a DVD of their final show.

 –M.Avrg (Magic Bullet,