Nov 07, 2008

Christ On Parade, for me, are one of those bands that, upon hearing, had an effect on how I looked at the world, as well as what I came to demand/expect from music. They weren’t your typical punk band of the time. There was something more to their sound. Definite Rudimentary Peni influence, but not a knockoff. The darkness of their music was carried by a good amount of speedy tempos, yet the songs were catchy and instantly memorable. Just listen to “Riding in the Flatlands.” The lyrics were politically focused as well, but presented in a way that anyone could relate to. A couple years back, Christ On Parade reunited for a series of shows and tours. During that time they made an appearance on the radio station KFJC and recorded these thirteen songs, sticking mainly to the A Mind Is a Terrible Thing LP, a bit of the Sounds of Nature 12", and the Avarice EP. The sound quality is great. You can hear everything. It’s done so well it’s easy to forget this is a live recording. Along with the aforementioned “Riding in the Flatlands,” they also play “Teach Your Children Well,” “Joshua Brown,” “Self-Serving,” “Flash,” “Thoughts of War,” and more. If you haven’t heard these guys before, this is a good place to start—then seek out the rest of their catalog.

 –M.Avrg (Prank)