Jul 22, 2015

One has to save a special spot in their heart for a band like this. In a time when christian zealotry is being stoked to a fever pitch by rich assholes looking to maximize profits by enslaving pretty much anyone that ain’t them, it takes a rare breed to step into that fray and lift high a middle finger. This thrash metal unit doles out eight tracks that repeatedly poke at the infamous, now-latent christian fear/prejudice about Jewish deicide as both band name and central conceit. Clearly they’re piss-taking on religion, but I can easily see ‘em ending up being prattled on about ad nauseum on those “christian” television programs as some sort of proof of a satanic conspiracy to destroy America’s woefully persecuted religious majority, as well as adding fuel to the burning ember that still resides in the deepest recesses of their bigoted, black hearts that the Jesus-killers really do run the world. Fuggin’ brilliant, ballsy, and hilarious on many different levels. 

 –jimmy (Cubo De Sangre)

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