CHRIS CLAVIN: The Roads Don’t Lead Home. The Roads Lead Everywhere: LP

Nov 07, 2008

New long player from the guy who brought/brings you Plan-It X, Ghost Mice, and, obviously, Operation: Chris Clavin. I think if you’ve heard the name more than once or twice by now, you know what to expect (fairly lo-fi folk punk), and if you’ll like it or not. Like a lot of his projects I’ve listened to, there’s a concept, this time being that all the songs are about what happened in different cities on a recent tour, which, by the first song, made me think that’s like something J Church would do. I can’t honestly say I’m worried about wearing this out anytime soon, but I still enjoyed it, and think it’s a novel idea, nicely executed. Shit, anytime I get home, all I do is blab about new girls I have crushes on.

 –joe (Crafty)