CHRIS BROKAW: The Periscope Twins: 2 x LP

Jul 22, 2015

First two sides, “The Periscope Kids Are out on the Skids, My Love,” is a droning tone that sounds like a sputtering mini bike, with the occasional blasts of cold white noise, twittering screeches, and other disruptions of sonic service. There’s something about this that hooks you in for the duration. No idea what it could be, but I enjoy the ride. Whether it’s how the drone changes pitch, or sometimes how it just hangs there for a few minutes creating tension as other sounds come in and hover around. The second half of this double set is sonically completely different. Instead of electronically generated drones, this is a series of long multi guitar-only tracks. I’m reminded of later Flying Saucer Attack when I listen to this. The ending to the final piece on here, “Do You Really Want to Know What That Means? Do You Really Want to Know What That Means?” is perfect. It’s the kind of music you put on and zone way out to, watching light and shadows move across your wall. A nice respite at the end of the day, and a good antidote against dumb music. 

 –M.Avrg (12XU)

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