Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column - Distraught

May 30, 2015


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Distraught are as synonymous with New York City for me as CBGBs is to the world.  From three-piece to five-piece, the guys in Distraught are my pals. NYC punk to the core, they played often in the city, but rarely made it out of town. They released a 7” and a couple split EPs and recorded an LP that never got it’s proper due. Distraught at CBGBs is about as punk fucking rock as it gets.

Having just come back from my first visit to NYC in a long time, it seemed fitting to dig up a memory that represents all that has changed yet stayed the same. CBGBs is gone, but the guys in Distraught are still around kicking around and—who knows—they just might talk about playing another show one of these days.