Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column - Avail: Beau Beau Flip

Jan 10, 2015

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Avail in Paramus NJ in June of 1994—back when Beau Beau the "cheerleader" did full flips. The show was at a Unitarian Church in Paramus but we dubbed it "Charles's Church" because Charles from Rorschach booked some very cool shows at this church. This show was kind of the start of my life-long relationship with Avail. Neil and I were there selling records with the Tribal War Distro. I was talking to Tim from Avail and he invited me to come to Richmond a few weeks after this show because Karoline Collins was going to be visiting. At the time, the idea of Adrienne Droogas (who lived in RVA at the time), Karoline (who lived in Milwaukee) and I all finally being together in the same place together was too good to be true. It was the start of many such gatherings. It was also the start of many road trips to Richmond, as well as several tours, with Avail; all of which ultimately ended in me relocating to Richmond, VA. Adrienne and I switched places and she moved to NYC before I moved to RVA. Karoline moved to California and I settled into RVA. Avail was at the center of it all.



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