CHORDVETTS: Hana Fumi Hisae: 7”

Feb 21, 2008

Deliriously squeaky trio of Asiatic females (oh no! El Guapo sighting! El Guapo sighting!) whose five songs worth of protean garage-pop can transform Earth’s most manly subwoofer into a two-inch tweeter in jig-time. Their version of the oft-covered Hollies standard “Come on Back” sounds like the Martian voice from “The Martian Hop” singing dub reggae over a backbeat created by a piece of bacon the size of a quarter-mile of four-lane highway sizzling under the universe’s largest magnifying glass. Shucks, ladies, you had me at “Martian!” BEST SONG: “I Fought the Law” BEST SONG TITLE: “My Boyfriend’s Learning Karate” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: They actually spell the Bobby Fuller Four song “I Fought The Low” on the cover and label. As far as the EQ goes, i would say in this particular battle they were quite successful.

 –norb (I Don’t Feel a Thing!)