CHOP SAKIS: Ghost Town Crowd: CD

Mar 15, 2008

Melodic, fast, crunchy, with lots of yellin’ and hootin’ and hollerin’! This may help out a small, but important sliver of you; this reminds me of the second coming of Scared of Chaka’s Masonic Youth, a hellfire of an LP. It’s over-amped garage hooked to hardcore tempos – overdriven, precise in its sloppiness – with that type of zipper-down swagger that the New Bomb Turks were famous for. I have no fuckin’ idea what they’re slur-singing about and I don’t care a lick. Amped-up, hand-in-fire good times that’ll get jaded punk rockers jumping and stumbling around like hyperactive cheerleaders with their shoelaces untied. The world needs more bands like this. Excellent stuff put out by the on-long-sabbatical, Joey, who was responsible for releases of both early Good Riddance and the Motards. The band includes members of the Riverboat Gamblers, the Marked Men, and Kris Pierce, an awesome dude and ex-bassist of Tiltwheel. 

 –todd (Little Deputy)