CHIXDIGGIT!: Pink Razors: CD

Jul 02, 2006

I believe we all go through phases in life. I have been in the metal/thrash mode lately. But I’m not rigged. On the first track of this CD, I wrote this off as NOFX. But the second track, I Remember You, sucked me in. What a great pop song! I can hear this one getting popular on alternative radio and making me feel sick because others are discovering my dirty little secret. It’s a song that will live longer than the band, a song so perfect that it sticks in your cranium for hours because it’s so catchy. I really don’t have to listen to the rest of the CD because I found a song that I will listen to for the rest of my lifetime. I have become a believer of their abilities to write a great melody. Anyone who can put a smile on this old bitter guy’s face is a band you have to check out if you want something more on the pop tip.

 –don (Fat)