CHIXDIGGIT!: Pink Razors: CD

Aug 12, 2006

K.J.’s Pop Tarts and smoke voice, Chixdiggit’s unquestionable pop hooks, and the band’s Canadian stand-up comic routine are still strong as ever. I guess the never got the memo that pop punk bands were supposed to have all their best material in the first couple of years of existence, then resort to shit-talking and griping of their lack of recognition for at least a decade after. For personal born-in-a-thrift-store, living-in-band-t-shirt reasons, it’s hard for me to sing along to songs that prevalently namedrop the Gap and J. Crew, but songs like “You’re Pretty Good,” and “Koo Stark” (although the sing along is a direct rip from the Briefs “New Shoes”) fully redeem them. Tight, clean, non-embarrassing pop punk: what you’ve come to expect from Chixdiggit! year in, year out, and that’s a lot easier said than done.

 –todd (Fat)