CHIXDIGGIT: Double Diggits!: CD

Nov 13, 2013

Chixdiggit are a pop punk trio from Canada, the Great White North, the land of Neil Young and B.C. Bud. If you like the vein of chunky guitars and “I Don’t Wanna”/”I Just Wanna”/”Now I Wanna” songs that run from the Ramones to The Queers and beyond, then you will connect with this re-release of “2 Pop Punk Classics on 1 CD,” as the cover advertises. The albums in question here are 1998’s Born on the First of July and 2000’s From Scene to Shining Scene. There are also eight bonus tracks including “I’m Not Going to Suck Your Church Off,” which wasn’t as memorable as some of the classic tracks, but deserves an honorable mention for the title alone.

 –guest (Fat Wreck Chords,, [email protected])