CHINESE: The Conquest of Tomorrow Today: CD

Jul 02, 2009

The tricky thing about instrumentals is you’re working at a deficit when you subtract an integral part to—for lack of a better term—the pop song template, in this case vocals/lyrics. By doing so, you have to find some way to compensate by making sure some other part is picking up the slack. The most obvious way is to write a song that is so compelling, so outstanding, so goddamned good that the audience won’t notice the missing pieces. This is no small feat when you’re talking about a single, but if you’re gonna try and tackle a full-length, you better have Charlie friggin’ Parker in your band. Sadly, these guys have no Parker equivalent, nor, it appears, anything to compensate for the aforementioned deficits. What they do have is a collection of tunes that sound like up-tempo quasi-stoner/space rock anthems that never quite get off the ground.

 –jimmy (Whoa! Boat)

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