Mar 17, 2008

I had heard about the Chinese Telephones around Razorcake Corporate Headquarters, but had never got to listen to them. I finally got a copy of this album and my first thought upon listening was along the lines of, “What’s the big deal? All the songs sound the same and it’s not that great, and everybody else at Razorcake is stupid except me…me, me, me. I rule!” But I found myself irresistibly drawn to the CD and kept throwing it on whenever I had the chance. Pretty soon I found that the melodies had snuck into my subconscious so that I craved listening to the songs like a heroin addict craves methadone. I have to concede that this is grade-A modern pop punk, like the Ergs! or the Lawrence Arms. I still can’t tell the songs apart, but in a good way somehow. The whole album feels like one big suite, where I recognize different movements. I don’t know if I could ever listen to this as different songs, because the album comes together as a whole so well. I love this record. It makes me want to go find a cute girl with lots of interesting buttons on her clothes and then hang out with her in a park in the middle of summer. I stand corrected on my initial doubts about my colleagues’ taste and mental abilities, but I still stand by the assertion that I rule.

 –Adrian (It’s Alive)

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