Jan 23, 2008

It’s really no surprise that I like this so much. Dear Landlord is made up of members from Rivethead (who I exist on some days) and The Copyrights (who I’ve just been recently getting into, but really like what I’ve been hearing) and I have no chance of hiding my love of the Chinese Telephones. Take those bands, put them on Adam and Jenna’s label (putting out considerably awesome stuff and are some of the nicest people in California), and I’m a fan before the first spin on the turntable. Oh, and they threw in a CD-R of it in case I feel like taking it on the road with me? Musically, Dear Landlord bring some of the best qualities of both Rivethead and Copyrights without sounding like a carbon copy of either. Chinese Telephones just seem to keep upping the ante (not that I think it was all that low to start with). Justin finds a way to take some pretty classic sounding melodies but keep them feeling fresh and new. Their second track actually has lyrics (a rarity for them), possibly because it’s their (now) former bassist’s song.

 –megan (It’s Alive/Recess)