Dec 13, 2007

I said NO MORE BANDS with “CHINESE” or “TOKYO” IN THEIR NAMES!!! Kind of reminds me of F.Y.P. before they were any good, although i’m not entirely sure what makes me say that. Also reminds me a little bit of that song by Th’ Inbred, where they’re pretending to be stoned straightedgers, but i don’t know what makes me say that either. The weird Riot Bbboy earnestness of the early songs is completely upset by “Friday I’m in Love,” which, while charming enough, will do little to make anyone forgot either “Friday on My Mind” by the Easybeats or “Sunday You Need Love” by Trio. I’m sure that someday a beautiful butterfly will emerge from this chrysalis, spread its silken wings, and flutter gracefully towards the sun. Today, however, is not that day. Tomorrow isn’t looking particularly good, either. BEST SONG: “Friday I’m in Love” i guess BEST SONG TITLE: “Thank You But I’d Rather Die behind the Chemical Sheds,” which also might be the best song, but that title is too long to type more than once. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Never mind, i was just reading thru the lyrics and found out “Friday I’m in Love” was a Cure cover. Strike the whole review from the record. Well, fuck you. I SAID no more bands with “Chinese” or “Tokyo” in their name. You brought this on yourself.  –norb (Waiting For Lunch)