Well, I do like the cover art. A nice four-color print (if you count the white paper it’s printed on—which I do), with some two-legged creature standing on the back of a four-legged creature that has alligators for toes. The music is a whole other affair though. Poppy punky confection with some emo (not the mainstream version, but the real stuff like Still Life, Indian Sumer, etc) that was bubbling throughout the ‘90s, and this is just too precious. Akin to drinking a soda and eating a couple donuts for breakfast. Might sound like a grand idea, but then you get sick like a motherfucker from the massive amounts of sugar in your guts. It has some fleeting moments, but the nasally vocals ruin it, and the lyrics at times are, again, too precious, such as: “… With you as the North Star, you’ll never forget where you are.” Blehhh….

 –M.Avrg (Rumbletowne)