CHILLERTON: Self-titled: 7”EP

Mar 17, 2008

U.K. version of mid-period Hot Water Music, but with Alison of Discount in the band (on the occasional song). So it’s sorta like Fifth Hour Hero, but a little more clonky and mechanical. Feels like X amount of people are in the room, want to form a band, and they want to approach the songs a little differently. And that’s the not-so-good sort of tension, a band that sounds a little at odds with itself. The sweeping parts seem a little labored and workman instead of that juicy organic tension that HWM—in the best of times—would burst in a messy explosion, like a grapefruit under a speeding semi. Chillerton has potential, and I’m not ruling them out, but I don’t suspect this 7” will get many spins from me. Sorry.

 –todd (Cat’n’Cake)