Jul 23, 2007

This batch of recordings is from 2002 and 2003, and in fact the band no longer exists. But I guess, as the story goes, this recording is what urged Adam and Jenna Alive to even start making records…as each year passed, the recording got older and the band kept fading from the memory of even those who knew of them. Then, just as it seemed this record was to be lost forever, fourteen releases in and It’s Alive Records decides to pay homage to the recording that essentially started them off. The band wields Titlwheel’s honesty, Fifteen’s poetry, and Toys That Kill’s clean yet full of fuzz and buzz recording quality. I’m not in love with this yet…but I will be soon. I’m on my sixth listen right now, and it just keeps getting better. Band members include Mike Napkin (The Minds, The Observers, Blood Bath & Beyond, Defect Defect), and Max from the Trashies.

 –mrz (It’s Alive)