Jan 23, 2008

Portland’s Children Crusade won’t have to go on any sort of crusade to get people hooked on this instant classic tribute to ‘90s pop punk. Borrowing from the upper levels of the bygone pop punk golden era, The Children’s Crusade deliver some of the best poppy punk recorded in recent years. The vocals are simultaneously snotty and scary, and the production gives the band an uncommonly full sound for a three-piece. Reminiscent of the old Mutant Pop band After School Special yet with a slightly rawer edge, The Children’s Crusade stands out as one of the more exciting new bands I’ve heard lately. Get Awesome is available as a 10” record with this CD-R included. Warning: neck pain may result from the uncontrollable beat nodding known to ensue upon first listening to this awesomeness.

 –Art Ettinger (It’s Alive)