Chicago Blackout: DVD

Feb 26, 2007

Awesome video comp of the 2003 show. Most of the time the video and audio are both great. Yeah, it’s more fun to be there, but you weren’t. And now it’s done but saved for posterity. In general, two to three songs are shown for the opening bands and seven or more for the headliners over the three day “fest.” Chicago’s own Functional Blackouts live up to their recording, dirty garage with power, a band that should have good things coming to them. The Black Lips go junior high nuts for three songs, including impressive vomiting while playing, leading to hitting the strings with the ol’ dick. Good times, good times. The snake charming of the Lips is the precursor to the church of The Lost Sounds, who might be the hardest working band today. Alicja, Jay, and crew swap instruments and bang out some of their best songs. There is always hope for rock and roll while the Sounds are active. The Hunches do a beautiful show of falling apart, and the Tyrades destroy whatever is left over, in one of the few downers of the disc—not enough Tyrades. But there is enough of The Spits, the world’s first, last, and funnest rock band. Now I do wish I was there. At least they’re my action figures now, playing whenever I want them to. Only bad performances are from FM Knives and A-Frames, because the audio is crappy on their parts. Other good performances are Feast of Snakes, Hot Machines, Hard Feelings, Little Killers, The Penetrators, and Clone Defects. –Speedway Randy (Todd Killings c/o Horizontal Action, 2222 Main St. Evanston, IL 60202)