I grew up on Adolf And The Piss Artists and that band had a profound impact on me. Their one consistent member, (who also did a stint in the Templars) Chet Knight is taking a little bit of a departure with this new project, and when this record came in the mail I didn’t know what to expect. “(If You’re a Rebel) Rebel,” is closer to his stuff in APA, as it has a strong UK82 influence like Special Duties or Partisans in the backbeat, but delivered with his signature growl. The other three songs are him finding a new home in a sound that runs a huge gamut of influences, but works cohesively when filtered through his experience. I hear a lot of pub rock in these songs as well as a strong influence from bands like Small Faces or Humble Pie. It’s funny to point that out because I don’t think these songs necessarily sound like those bands, but the arrangements are pointing in that direction (as well as the minor-key vocal melodies). “All I Need Is,” has a strong Springsteen vibe in the backbeat and vocal delivery, but it’s still so rough around the edges. Imagine a very dark, slowed down version of APA where the band moved in a more mature direction and you have a little bit of an idea about how these songs may sound. The lyrics on this record are top-notch and very personal. These are the kinds of songs that get stuck in your head and when you put the record on, you sit and really listen to it instead of just bobbing your head and telling your friends about the heavy jams. I don’t know if this is an ongoing project or just a one-off and I know that there have been a lot of personal struggles with Chet over the last couple of years, but I sincerely hope this is something that keeps going because this 7” is an indicator something great that could come down the road. 

 –Ian Wise (45 Revolutions,