CHEST PAIN: Weltschmerz: LP

Chest Pain has built some hype on the internet. That’s always hit or miss (and rarely the band’s fault in the latter’s case). Either my expectations are set too high and the band falls flat or the band is, in fact, thatgood. Thankfully, Chest Pain, from Austin, Texas, deserve a beehive worth of buzz. They’ve chucked the blood-pumping elements of hardcore, grind, powerviolence, fastcore, and all those other meaningless nomenclatures into the proverbial blender. From the blender, the spiraling mess of elements are agitated over a hot flame and, through some form of reverse osmosis, purified into a pissed-off medley comprised of everything exhilarating about extreme punk music. They then poured all of that dark, oozy goodness into a circular disk for our listening pleasure. The drums somehow speed up and slow down at head-spinning rates while the buffet of brief attacks constantly juke, avoiding all tedium. My only gripe is that the vocals sometimes have an echo-y effect that detracts from the overall impact. This is an LP for hardcore fans who are burnt out and for those prepared to move onto the next level. Big bonus: The LP includes a large fold-out poster of the cover art. 

 –Sean Arenas (To Live A Lie,, [email protected])