CHEMICALS: For Real, For Life, Forever, or Whatever…: 12” EP

Excellent follow up to their Chemical Livin’ record from a short while back. What you get here is some way fuckin’ wound-up punk rock that a lot of bands try to get down on vinyl and fall miles short. Not so with these here Chemicals. It makes me wonder what they’re like if they can get this hyper energy onto vinyl. They don’t play their instruments, they attack them. Each song is a fast and wild blast, with a bass that runs out of control over the drums and guitars. The vocalist sounds like he’s shredding his last vocal chord and slobbering all over himself. The delivery is convincing as well. You can almost feel the words spit into your face. (If that’s a good thing or not, it’s all up to you.) But you can’t hem and haw over if this record is good or not. It’s a fucking killer! Every song is a ripper and they burrow themselves deep into your mind. You will be singing along to “Daddy’s Home” and “Get Sick” before you know, and definitely before you realize it. This record has a way of bonding with your DNA.

 –M.Avrg (Johnny Cat)