Chemical X : The DVD Zine: DVD

Apr 28, 2010

At first, I had a little bit of cognitive dissonance over what I thought a “DVD zine” should be like and what this DVD is like. I was thinking something along the lines of some nice live footage or a video, then some interview bits to give a little insight into where the band is coming from, maybe some short documentary footage or a short film, and so on—but once I kinda settled back and came to terms that that wasn’t going to be the experience here, I found myself actually enjoying this. While most of the above is not here, there is oodles of music to be seen/heard (Dan Padilla, The Unlovables, Negativland, Kill The Scientist, The Criminals, and many others), along with little bits of quasi-commercials and odds and sods, resulting in something more akin to an underground music cable show than a “zine.” Sure, most of the bands fall into punk subgenres I’m not too enthused about, and the sound on the live bits can be a wee bit dicey at times, but it looks like the Geykido Comet kids had such a ball putting this together and obviously put much work into the presentation that what may be lacking is more than made up for in enthusiasm. If I had to put things a bit more succinctly, any DVD that includes footage of Peelander-Z giving the Toy Dolls’ live show a run for its money, a band playing a Razorcake benefit dressed in a dinosaur suit, and a video of Riverboat Gamblers playing the best song off their most recent album is well worth the price of admission. –Jimmy Alvarado (