CHEMICAL PEEL: Bike Thief: 7”

Nov 13, 2013

There is something reassuring about Chemical Peel. Each song is unique as the three-piece juggles vocal duties, which ensures that the band is never mercilessly pinned to one sound. Every strum and cymbal crash oozes earnestness. “Born to Kill” lumbers with terse shouts and a riff reminiscent of Big Boys. The guitars are abstract and asymmetrical, at once shrill and inventive while evolving from sections of dissonance into melodic riffage. With a shift in vocalists, they suddenly sound like an anarcho band, à la DIRT or Hagar The Womb, thanks to Ony and Victoria’s gleeful voices. Chemical Peel is admirably carefree and confident with a fuck all attitude where punk means playing what you want and not thinking twice about it.

 –Sean Arenas (Ride The Snake,