CHECKERS, THE: Make a Move: CD

Aug 24, 2009

I’m very skeptical of new wave’s current revival in punk rock, because I wasn’t that fond of new wave in the first place. Devo was cool if you didn’t try to listen to a whole album, and there were a lot of good new wave songs, but they were few and far between. I’ve been enjoying a lot of the new new wave, though, and the basic difference is that the newer bands remember to bring in the rock. The Checkers are a good example of this. The vocals are quirky and the music is jerky, but it’s faster and more rockin’ than any new wave from the first round. They show their influences in their covers, ripping through cool adaptations of “Observer” and “The Fanatic.” Really, though, it’s the originals that carry this album through. Songs like “Seeing Spots” and “Is He In?” really burrow into my brain and stick with me long after the album has ended and I’ve moved on in my day. Basically, The Checkers are exactly what the Waitresses should’ve been, and Make a Move is a solid album from beginning to end.

 –sean (Make a Move)