CHEATS, THE: Pussyfootin!: CD

Sep 05, 2012

Sounds like what you get if you subtract whatever was interesting about Rancid or the Candy Snatchers from Rancid or the Candy Snatchers, put Jeff DeGoey of Moral Disgust on vocals, and then tailored the results just enough to produce an end product acceptable to the Whiskey Rebel. Punk rock that a soundman would like and me without my laminate. Alas. BEST SONG: “Life’s Short” BEST SONG TITLE: “Mystery 37” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Sin for a Living” is not the Meatmen song “I Sin for a Living,” “Gotta Get Away” is not the Stiff Little Fingers song “Gotta Gettaway,” and “I Don’t Need You” is not the Moral Crux song “I Don’t Need You.” But it would be cool if they were.

 –norb (Screaming Crow))

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