CHEATER SLICKS: Reality Is a Grape: LP

This is my first Cheater Slicks purchase. I’m not proud of that but I have to admit it up front. I knew I’d like ‘em, I mean, c’mon, they have an album called Hate You. In the spirit of full disclosure, I was at a show they headlined and left before they played! In my defense, it was Gonerfest; I’d seen a million bands and had been drinking all day and all night. Because of this, I have restricted myself from day drinking during festivals. Anyway… I’d heard of the Slicks back in the late ‘90s but could never find their records, used or new (that’s a true testament to a band, never seeing their shit in a used bin!). I never was a vinyl-only purist, but something inside me said Cheater Slicks needed to be owned on LP. I’ve passed up chances to buy some albums on CD over the years, a testament to vinyl-only purchasing being silly. Here I am, newest Slicks on the turntable, and I’m glad I did it! I feel better, like getting over the flu or a fever breaking. To describe the sound? Barely controlled chaos. To describe the subject matter? Something between hate and disappointment with where life can take a person. The Slicks have been more active in the past three or four years than the three or four years prior to that. I don’t know if it’s because my living in the Midwest is making me pay more attention to shows within several hours’ drive or what. I hope to see ‘em soon.

 –Sal Lucci (Columbus Discount)