CHEAP TRAGEDIES: Volume 1: Souvenirs & Evidence: LP

Jun 01, 2009

Sounds a lot like Lee Ving singing for Motörhead or Antiseen, which might not sound that bad, but it’s also not really that great, either. However, I must commend them on the line in the song “July of ’68” that goes “I’m like McDonald’s, baby, cheap and easy and laced with regret.” What a fucking amazing line, wish there was more of that here. It is a nice looking record, gatefold sleeve, features a mug shot of Jane Fonda on the cover. Didn’t realize we were still worked up over Jane Fonda these days. Overall, not a bad record but also not really what I’m looking for in a record. You folks out there who dig on the Confederacy of Scum bag should jump all over this, however.

 –Jeff (Mad At The World)

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