CHEAP TIME: Self-titled: CD

Sep 28, 2008

Four words: Falling Down, Ginger Snap. Buy the record and know what I mean. This ain’t no decoder ring marketing gimmick to tell you to be sure to drink your Ovaltine. I get nothing out of telling you which records are worth a damn. Here is a little story that to prove it. So I totally fuck over Razorcake every month by not doing my reviews because listening to seven records that suck monthly sucks. But every now and then you get a diamond in your butthole. A sparkling little turd that peaks your interest and turns out to be valuable. In fact, a friend sent me a text message warning me how awesome this record is. It actually got me excited to do my fucking record reviews. That never happens, unless Todd yells at me. Cheap Time is awesome poppy garage shit that is so flamboyant and redundant you can’t help but mouth the words to the chorus you can’t understand. Not surprised to hear another solid gold motherfucker from the motherfuckers who brought us King Kahn And The BBQ Show and the Jay Reatard. What? You don’t have those records either? Fuck you. Stop wasting my time. 

 –Gabe Rock (In The Red)