CHEAP SEX: Written in Blood: CD

Jul 07, 2006

This album is what you would expect coming from Punkcore. Very “street punk,” very fast, very loud, two guitars (one plays the screechy solo with unison yelling back ups), and sort of, how do you say, generic, millennium generation music that teens play to piss off their parents. I don’t mean that to discount the music. But, if you like the crusty-type bands that are on Punkcore, you will love this album. It does what it is doing relatively well, but not enough to make me rock out, bob my head, or even tap a toe. However, there are some sound bites from our idiot president, which further display his stupidity. And I applaud that. Also, many of the lyrics talk about the current political climate and their distaste for it, and any sort of intellectual thought/discussion that can be brought to people’s attention is always a plus in my book. But not to be a bitch, as I’ve been told I can be, I was very happy when I turned this CD off.

 –jenny (Punkcore)

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