CHEAP GIRLS: Find Me a Drink Home: CD

Sep 28, 2008

This is very guitar-driven, with a thick and fuzzy texture occasionally drowning out the vocals, which are very reminiscent of Michael Stipe. Unfortunately, when I’m getting into a record only to realize there’s no lyric sheet included I get somewhat annoyed. Instead, we’re given some out-of-focus photographs, including one of a shoe, and a recording note stating “Cheap Girls wear shoes made by No Sweat Apparel.” I think there’s no better way of telling people you have nothing to say than prioritizing apparel over content. I like the name of the band and album, but even after a couple of listens I found myself having trouble differentiating between tracks. Every song had the same tempo, and if I didn’t catch the breaks between them, I would have thought it was one really long track. The exception is “Her and Cigarettes,” in which they go acoustic and throw in some keyboards. Good background music to ignore while reading. 

 –Rene Navarro (BMP)