CHEAP GIRLS : Find Me a Drink Home: CD

Jan 06, 2009

There was a serious buzz about this band at The Fest. I didn’t watch them play and no blame can be placed on me—with how many rad bands were there—but I wish I had the time because from what I have heard from this CD, they are unique. I give approbation to the distinctive voice behind this album that gets me into a calm good mood every time I listen to it. The medium-paced vocals with the faster speed of the instruments make for a drawing combo. Punk can get so convoluted and artists sometimes forget to let the music breath, but no such mistakes here. Great tracks on this album are “Her and Cigarettes,” and “Parking Lot.” I hope you listen to them soon so we can talk about how we both like those songs next time we hang out. 

 –Corinne (Bermuda Mohawk, [email protected])