CHAZ MATTHEWS: Amazing Graceless: CD

Feb 15, 2006

In the world of punk rock, people don't usually venture out into the shaky ground of solo artist-dom until they've established themselves as someone to watch, based on past band projects. If you've fronted The Heartbreakers or The Devil Dogs or some other amazing band with a legacy, you can probably get away with it. Not that The Dimestore Haloes weren't a good band. But a solo artist spin off? Well, come on now. That, coupled with the fact that all the instruments are played by the same person, made me think of this as a demo to be shopped around to other like-minded musicians. That said, this guy is a good songwriter. Sounds sort of like the Heartbreakers-light. Someone should add him to his or her band. If he joins up with other good musicians they could create something pretty cool. Most musicians want their photo to be included on the cover along with the singer, and at least the illusion that they're not someone's back up band. I understand the allure of doing it all yourself-it sure would be easier... sweet autonomy. But it's not realistic. Even solo projects require a band and, often, careful collaboration leads to something greater then any one individual can do.

 –guest (Full Breach)