May 10, 2007

Note to all sending in review material: please be aware that CD-Rs just aren’t as tough as CDs—I’m not saying they’re as cool as CDs are, I couldn’t care less, I’m just saying they literally seem more prone to getting scratched, fucked up, and damaged; they just aren’t as durable. Reason I’m mentioning it is that this twelve track CD-R, by the time it made it from Israel to L.A. and then to my mailbox, was pretty scratched up, and only about half of the songs were playable for any amount of time. Still, that was enough time to inform me of the gist of Mr. Megira and Ms. Girl’s sound, which is pretty much like an amalgamation of this one hilarious Christian-toned 7” I have by a band called Life In General (best song on that record is “Rebirth”: it’s about Jesus and the lyrics go, “He was born / And he diii-iii-iiied / When he died / People CRIII-III-IIIED!”) and whatever that band is that plays that one song that goes, “I’ll fly away and melt with you.” You know what song I’m talking about? Anyway, this is straight-up, somber ‘80s dance music, which has got to be one of the loneliest sounds ever made on earth when you’re at home listening to it by yourself instead of in some club, sweat-drunk off PBR tallboys and trying like hell to woo the ladies with just your fuckin’ dance moves, man. Were some of these songs played in the correct venue, with the right atmosphere, it might lead certain folks to partner up for heavy make out sessions and fluid exchange. If you’re like me and find yourself listening to it alone in the middle of the night right before reviews are due, you might just wind up wanting to off yourself.

 –keith (Charlie Megira)