CHARLIE AND THE SKUNKS: Take an Ice Cream Scoop out of My Brain: 7” EP

May 03, 2011

Each demi-decade or so produces its own Area Of Where-It’s-At-Ness—pop punk, lo-fi, garage punk, whatever—that sort of defines the direction whence that particular mini-era’s Shit Of Interest® is likeliest to come. If there were any quandaries in my mind over where exactly the Immediate Now’s Area Of Where-It’s-At-Ness is at, Charlie and the Skunks have cleared them up nicely: The Immediate Now’s Area of Where-It’s-At-Ness is clearly a sort of low-maintenance hybrid of simp-pop, lo-fi, garage punk, the last half of the 50’s, and the last half of the 60’s ((see also First Base, Eric & The Happy Thoughts, etc.)). At some point in time, someone either has or will give a name to this stuff, and we will all be good to go. “Pay No Attention To Time” could be a Chocolate Watchband cover ((minus the ringer)), maybe, but “Red Hot Cinnamon” could be Buddy Holly headbutting Tommy Roe in Johnny Hench’s basement ((the one with the keggerator)). The last time i was in Indiana i got called a “faggot” because i was wearing pink women’s pants; not sure what these guys get called but i can’t imagine it’s late for dinner. Undeniably swell. BEST SONG: “Red Hot Cinnamon” BEST SONG TITLE: “Ooh La La La La,” because they will see the Faces’ “Ooh La La” and raise them two! FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I almost never wear a t-shirt under a button-up shirt any more, but i used to.

 –norb (Eradicator)